Many website owners are significantly obsessed about SEO factors and PageRank. Their primary goal is to get at the top position in Google’s search result. It is considered as a holy grail in online marketing to reach top position for highly competitive keywords. Once we achieve this, we could make sure that we get a significant amount of income. However, reaching the top position would require some hard work and we may even need to change our business plan and methodology altogether. As an example, many SEO professionals want to achieve good ranks for “SEO services company” and “SEO services professional”. When they are able to achieve good positions for these highly competitive keywords, it will be much easier for them to gain customers.

Many online business owners leave their existing business. They decided to shut down everything, because their foray into this business is barely profitable. In fact, top rankings in search engine results don’t guarantee significant profits, if we don’t implement techniques that increase conversion rate. The most important thing is to avoid focusing too much on highly competitive keywords. These keywords may have significant demands, but it is possible that much of them are taken by people on top positions in the rank. Fortunately, we could “steal” some of them by adding one or two words to the primary keywords. Many online businesses obtain much of their income from direct marketing efforts, such as emailing. If we do this properly and ethically, we should be able to reduce our dependence on search engines. In fact, some successful online business obtains less than a quarter of their consumers from search engine results. Achieving direct sales could be difficult, but it is a better in the long run, because we are not depended to an intermediary party, like a search engine provider.

Even if we are prioritizing on SEO efforts, we should find that email marketing is a great way to grow our business. In this case, we should try to create a brilliant-looking website that can support our great products. Our website should be user friendly and it needs to load quickly. It is also important for us to develop proper advertising channel. In fact, some website owners who are successful in their niches don’t really care about search engine ranks. In this case, we should try to convert our traffic and create textual pages that can be interesting for many people.

If we want to be successful, we should focus more on how to appeal to our customers. We should be able to provide them with a sense of personal touch and don’t try too hard to compete in highly competitive keywords. Merely getting a PageRank 7 and top three positions for competitive keywords won’t do wonder to your revenue if you fail to follow them up. If we can provide more compelling proposition and valuable services, it is possible that we will eventually gain plenty of revenue. Many websites that rely on good content could gain plenty of traffic and they don’t focus too much on SEO after awhile.

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