Vacuum an office can be a tough job when you are on a hurry. This task can be harder when your vacuum cleaner is heavy and hard to maneuver.How do you quickly vacuum an office when you expect an important visitor? How can you hide those visible stains when all you wish is to avoid being seen as a dirty business owner?

These simple tips will show you how you can quickly vacuum your office when the need arise.

  1. Always keep your office super-organised

The key factor that can help you to vacuum your office in less than 5 minutes is your organisation. Forewarned is forearmed they say; you want to vacuum as fast as possible? Then keep your office always organised. Keeping your office in order can take less time than you think.

When you have 5 minutes free for instance, you can arrange your desk. If you have more, why not arrange your files, clean all those visible stains. This depends of your free time. Don’t ever rest idle when you have some free time and your office seems like some 20th century battlefield.

The main purpose of organizing your office is, to keep a checklist of places you can skip for complete vacuuming later.

  1. Keep calm and vacuum with efficiency

It can be hard to keep calm when you are in a hurry to hide those stains but, you have no reason to panic. Keep calm instead and vacuum with ease.

You must rearrange light objects you move while you vacuum. Don’t wait till you are done with your vacuuming. You can also replace them where they were. This is even better.

You can also set a direction for your task. What I do most of the times is to work counter-clockwise. You can do it the other way if you wish to. The most important thing here is to clean with method.

  1. Pick the right equipment 

This is another vital factor for your cleaning task. If you don’t choose the right vacuum for your office, you can spend much more time battling with your vacuum than you spend with the proper cleaning. You must buy your vacuum cleaner based on your strength. If your power lies in your upper arms, the upright vacuum is your perfect choice. A light yet powerful upright vacuum cleaner will let you move around with ease while you cover more area.

If, on the other hand, you lack that upper body strength, it’s better to choose the canister vacuum. With the canister vacuum cleaner, you only have to hold the hose attachment and move it to push the vacuum cleaner in front of you.

Last but not least is to always have your vacuum cleaner equipment’s’ ready for proper maintenance. If your vacuum cleaner bagged, you can buy additional bags just in case.

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