Do you really know enough about the finances to survive during different economic hard times?If doubtful then you should take a F. A. T. Test and see. There are many people who crash like a house of cards when they are faced with sudden financial crisis. Such a thing proves very dangerous for them and their business.

If you are planning to give a financial information aptitude test, you might come across many factors that might prove very effective and helpful for you. If you want to test your financial aptitude then you can have a quick question answer session. Below are a few questions that can help you in getting acquainted with your aptitude and knowledge. Just answer them and find out where you stand.

  • It is best to pay just the minimum payment due on a credit card bill every single month rather than pay your bill in complete. Is it True or False?
  • The history of paying debts and other bills of your credit card can be a factor when you apply for any loan or any credit card, but it will not affect your capability to get a job, grab an apartmentor how much the car insurance will cost is it True or False?
  • A debit card is a nice alternative to a credit card for a very young person because the money to pay for buying is automatically deducted from the bank account, thus evading interest charges or debt issues. Is it true or false?
  • There is no good reason to possess an emergency savings account in case you have credit cards to make payment for emergencies. Is it true or false?
  • When you make use of a credit card, it makes a debt. It is not same as making use of money although both the credit and money will purchase things. Is it true or false?
  • The finest way to avoid a “bounced” check: that is, a check that gets disallowed by your financial institution because you have overdrawn your account — is to keep the check book up to date and carefully monitor your balance. Is it true or false?
  • You get an e-mail with the logo of a company you recognize. It is safe to help them to update your records by sharing with them your social security number and account information. Is it true or false?
  • In the case, you have access to buy something, it is a proof that you can afford to buy it. Is it true or false?
  • In the case, you don’t want anyone to know how you really pay your debts; you can easily “opt out” of having a credit record with the credit history you have on it. Is it true or false?
  • Simply calculating how many hours you must work so as tobuy an item will prove helpful for you decide how much you need or want it. (True or False?)

Thus, there are plenty of questions that can help you for preparing for your test of financial aptitude.