Want to hire any candidate for your IT firm? When it comes to hire any candidate for such posts, it is very important that you can know about his expertise. In most of IT offices and companies, the use of Microsoft Excel is increasing for various tasks. Especially in jobs like data entry operator and computer operator, it is very important that you can estimate the Excel expertise skills of any candidate. When it comes to hire any candidate, they can be experienced or fresher. But you should always check for their expertise and should hire the most capable candidate for your IT business.

It is not easy and right to know about ability of any person with resume and verbal questions. If you want to know about the Microsoft Excel skills of any candidate, you can use Microsoft excel skills assessment test for it. With this test, it will be easy and effective for you to know about the ability and skills of any candidate. This is especially designed online test that will help you to know about following abilities of any candidate:

Formatting, Charts and Tables:

By using this test, you can easily know about skills of candidates to work on charts and tables in any Excel document. In any excel file, they always need to work on format of files, charts and tables of your business data. By using online Excel test, it will be easy for you to estimate these skills of candidate.

Macros and Data Manipulation:

When anyone is working onMicrosoft Excel file, it is very important that they have complete knowledge about Macros and Data Manipulation. If you want to get estimation about these abilities of candidates, online excel test will help you in best way.

Use of common formulas:

There are various formulas in Microsoft Excel that can be used to save a lot of time and to make the tasks easier. With this online excel, you will be able to know if candidate have complete information about commonly used formulas or not. It is important to boost the working speed on excel.

Statistical operations:

The online excel skills test is very helpful to know if candidate is able to perform statistical operations or not. With this online test, you can easily know about skills of candidate to work on various statistical tasks for your IT business.


With this online test, you can know if the candidate is able to work on forms in any excel document. These skills are very important in any candidate for IT excel user post.

These are various skills that are covered in this online test of Microsoft Excel. With this online test, you can easily know about all excel operating skills of the candidates. If you also want to hire the best candidate for your It business or office, you can easily search for these online tests. There are various online tests are available that you can choose to get help during IT job hiring.