Are you bored of your hairs? If you are bored from your hairs and want some change in hairs, then you can get your hairs extended. Whether you want to give your hairs a wavy look, curly look or straightened look, you can pick up any style you want. It is just a matter of hours or sometimes even minutes. But before getting hairs extended, you must know how to take care of your extended hairs. Maintenance of extended hairs is not that easy as of natural hairs. So, take proper care of your extended hairs.

What Actually Virgin Remy Hair Extensions are?

Hair extensions are made up from real or synthetic hairs that are to be attached firmly to your scalp that might add length, color and thickness to your original hairs. It depends on you whether you want extended hairs to be lasting for long or temporary for few months only. If you want hair extension from a particular donor, then you can go you for virgin remy hair extensions in which the hairs do not undergo processes like bleaching, dying, or washing.

Ways to Take Care of Hair Extensions:

  1. Always comb your hairs before going to bed and also before washing hairs so that your hairs do not have natural tangles that are usually caused by wind or massage.
  2. Wash your scalp and outer layers of hairs with only warm water so as to save them from damaging.
  • Give wash to extended hairs only 1-2times and it is good to clean the hairs between every wash.
  1. Add few drops of coconut or almond oil and apply it uniformly on your hairs while your hairs are wet. Oiling the hairs while hairs are wet helps to add moisture to hairs.
  2. Avoid using sulfate shampoo for washing hairs, instead use only organic shampoos. Avoid sulfate shampoo as it dries out the hairs.
  3. Wash your hairs in downwards direction gently and do not try to collect the hairs together as it can cause the friction.
  • Always use natural oils, never use oils made of chemicals.
  • In the end, rinse off your hairs with the cold water so that scalps could lock the moisture.
  1. Never use hair dryers for drying up the hairs. Let your hairs dry naturally.
  2. Take a massage with small amount of natural oils two to three times in a week.
  3. If you want to last your extended hairs for long time, it is important to keep giving moisture to your hairs.

Hair extensions are highly in tend now a days because sometimes, nature does not do good with those who want long and beautiful hairs. So, there is no need to worry as you can get hair extensions now that gives you natural look only. You can buy processed hairs in a very good condition from Diwali Virgin remy hairs. At Diwali, we provide hair extensions of many types such as curly virgin remy hair extensions, Indian remy hair extension, Indian non remy hair extension, wavy remy hair extension etc. at affordable prices.