“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”- this quote by Franklin Roosevelt explains that why one should not be afraid of overcoming the fear and move forward in the task. Investment is a gamble of fate and is all about fortune, analyzing skills and timing. But not every investment is as dangerous as the others. The real estate sector has emerged as one of the safest sectors to invest and earn a substantial amount of money. Dealing in other investments like the share market, commodity market, metals, gold or silver etc. have a lot of risk element involved in it. The real estate sector is unique and stands apart as it rarely fails and there is stability in the rate of fluctuation. The best city to invest as far as real estate is concerned is Ahmedabad in Gujarat. Ahmedabad is one of the fastest growing and developing cities in India. Besides, the up to date infrastructure and great connecting roads add cherry to the cake. Here are some reasons as to why one should forget the fear and invest in Ahmedabad’s new projects:-

1. Great Developing Pace: –

Ahmedabad is ranked third in the list of the fastest growing cities of the decade by the Forbes magazine. It is the fifth largest city in incredible India and has a population of about 6.7 million. The pace at which the city has developed is phenomenal. A few years back it was a small city with very less infrastructure and not much development. Today, it is expanding and growing like a fire. The super-efficient and fast BRTS bus system has made transportation a breezy smooth process. One should never hesitate in investing in new flats in Ahmedabad as the city is vast and there is great scope of development and growth!

2. Economic and Industrial Hub of India:

The recent years saw the emergence of the city as an important economic and commercial hub. It ranks second when it comes to producing cotton in India. The gross domestic product of India was a whopping 64 billion in 2014! It is just 30 kilometers away from the state capital of Gujarat, Gandhinagar. These facts prove that investing in Ahmedabad’s real estate would be beneficial and new projects in Ahmedabad would never fail or fall.

3. Important Tourist Attraction:

Ahmedabad is an important tourist attraction as it has many attractions such as the Sabarmati ashram, CEPT University, Kankaria Lake, huthesseing temple among several others. This proves it to be a hotspot in Gujarat and tourist will be coming around the year to witness these wonders. Sabarmati ashram is the ashram which tells the life of Mahatma Gandhi. It is one of the most visited tourist places in Gujarat. This all adds jewel to the crown when it comes to investing in new flats in Ahmedabad.

4. Educational Hub:

How can a person not talk about education while talking about Ahmedabad? Ahmedabad is the host to several renowned institutes like the IIM-A which is the top management institute in whole of India. Universities like the CEPT University and Ahmedabad University quench the educational thirst of the city! CEPT university is Asia’s one of the finest universities for architecture and civil engineering!

Thus, the above facts prove that investing in real estate is lot safer and would never fail. The growth and development of Gujarat as a state has also been remarkable and there should be no doubts for the Manchester of India. So invest in new flats in Ahmedabad or new projects in Ahmedabad to ensure that the money grows and the goddess of wealth resides in your flat!