A gazebo is the perfect addition to your backyard if you want to turn your outdoor space into your own retreat. By building your own gazebo with all of the fixings, you can prepare for entertaining by creating a personalized backyard getaway destination where you can soak up the rays and feel the breeze blow through your hair. If you want your stunning home gazebo to be as beautiful as those you’ve seen at parks and historical sites, here are four hacks that you should know.

Survey Your Yard to Choose the Best Location

There is nothing more frustrating once you have built your gazebo than realizing that you chose a location where the sun is blocked past noon or the sprinklers hit every day at 2:00 PM. The first step to a dream gazebo is selecting the best location. Would you prefer it in the corner of your yard looking out on the rest of the space, or would you like it to be more of a focal point in the middle of your yard or close to your pool deck? Survey the yard at various times of the day to rule out areas that aren’t ideal.

Select a Style That Will Compliment Your Landscaping

You never want your gazebo to stick out like a sore thumb. It’s important to choose a shape and layout that will blend with the rest of your landscaping and hardscaping. You can choose from octagonal, oval, square, and rectangular shapes that will either look rustic or traditional. You will also need to choose a size that is not overbearing in your yard. Most gazebos measure between 8′ x 8′ and 20′ x 20′. Once you find a cohesive style and appropriate size, you can move on to starting construction.

Purchase a High-quality Panel Kit

It may be difficult to draft and then purchase the materials to build a gazebo from scratch if you aren’t an architect at heart. Instead, you can skip the troubleshooting and time-consuming mistakes and buy a panel kit from places like Allweather Wood that is made of high-quality lumber. You can select the size and the style that you have settled on in a single shot, and then you have peace of mind in knowing you have hardware and instructions to lean on while you build your gazebo.

Choose Flooring and Lighting to Spruce It Up

To make your gazebo your own, you can install floor tiles and lighting that makes the gazebo a feature in the backyard. The illumination will take the gazebo to the next level at nighttime, and your flooring tiles can make a traditional gazebo a more formal setting.

With the right home gazebo, you’ll be able to relax in your own outdoor space and enjoy the natural settings around you. Be sure you only take on as much as you can realistically do on your own, and have a scenic area in your very own yard once you’re done.