We should try to get other websites related to our topics to link naturally to us. The Internet is all about natural connectivity, including easy sharing of ideas. Natural linking is a method to allow this and search engines generally place real importance to make sure that relevant information is shared properly.  In general, search engines prioritize websites with unique and fantastic information. This will encourage other websites to refer to such content. Search consider as a type of approval and the more vote we get, the more valuable our website is. Therefore, it is important for our website to get “junk juice” from other relevant websites. As our websites get more valued, we will get much better position in search engine rankings.

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Why Natural Link Building is Necessary

So, does it mean that we only need to attract hundreds of new links to our site and we automatically get top rankings? Unfortunately, it isn’t that easy. We should also make sure that we get high quality links from trusted websites. In real world, it takes some hard work to get even a few dozens of high quality links from reliable websites. In general, it is better to focus on getting a few good quality links than dozens of low quality ones. Not all webpages and links are equal and a good way to gauge the value of a website is by using the Google Toolbar. Once we install it, we could immediately see the PR score of a specific webpage. In general, new and unpopular pages get 0 PR score and with 10 PR score being the best.

Ideally, we should get inbound links from pages with at least 2 PR score and don’t struggle too much to get links from less valuable websites. In general, information and official websites with .gov, .ac, .edu and other extensions carry a lot more weight. However, getting links from this websites could only be achieved through natural means, by publishing something that’s very useful and engaging for scholars, government officials and experts. It should be noted that getting links from such websites may not be a good idea we do it too fast. Our websites should prove themselves first as trusted sources of information. Search engines could suspect us of accumulating inbound links artificially and unnaturally if we get too many links in a short period of time.

There are multiple link farming methods that are aimed to produce a lot of links for our websites, but recent algorithm updates have largely negated the effectiveness of such a method. Search engines know how to differentiate between genuine, earned links and artificial ones. The Internet is a generally meritocracy-based environment and it is a bad idea to buy votes to achieve improved ranking positions. Rather, we should let genuine users and experts in the industry to link to use as a way to appreciate our good content. It is also legitimate to link to other websites, so search engines could see our websites as something that works normally.

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