If you want to get the best services from your hedge trimmer you have to follow the manufacturer’s manual to avoid any unpleasant incident that can damage the trimmer and may cause injury to the human body. Even the best hedge trimmer is not safe enough to create less havoc for the user. So, we have to be very careful about the following 9 mistakes that can lead to the destruction of any hedge trimmer. They are:

1. Always Avoid Dangerous Conditions:

It is recommended to avoid dangerous conditions like rainy or wet surface while pruning the backyard. A wet and dump area can create the spark or electrify the user or can even damage the motor while pruning a wet surface. Dewalt 40v hedge trimmer users should follow the user manual strictly as it is very much vulnerable to the exposure of rain.

2. Don’t Operate in Presence of Flammable Materials:

It is dangerous to operate a hedge trimmer in the presence of flammable liquid, gas or fire. Mostly the gas type hedge trimmer like Dewalt 20v hedge trimmer should never be operated in front of the fire or any electric work. It may raise the temperature of the gas and can cause explosion of the device

3. Always Keep the Children and the Visitors Away from The Trimmer:

Do not allow any infant or children or any visitor to touch and operate a hedge trimmer. They may damage any parts of the hedge trimmer or may get hurt while playing with the trimmer.

4. Avoid Trimming at Night:

Do not operate the trimmer at night. Cause the darkness may lead to damage the blade. It is recommended to arrange enough lighting for the space that you wanted prune at night.

5. Disconnect the Plug:

Before making any major adjustment with the tool makes sure to disconnect it from the power switch. Adjustment without disconnection may result in injury or damage to the tool.

6. Don’t Use if Switches don’t Work:

Do not try to forcefully switch on the trimmer if it does not operate normally. Leave it in its condition and Arrange for a mechanic to survey the problem with switches and panels.

7. Power Output:

Does not use “Ac only” power sources for the dc type trimmer. It will just damage the motor within a moment if the power system of the trimmer plugged into the wrong power source. Before plugging in make sure whether the voltage requirement is 220v or 440v. A simple mistake may ruin your device completely.

8. Don’t Use the Cord to Carry The Tool:

Do not use the power cord to pull the trimmer. It will eventually destroy the joint of the power supply. Always use the handle to push the tool. The abused cord may result in electric shock who can cause personal injury and damage to the instrument.

9. Always Keep The Power Cord Behind:

Do not allow the power cord to come forward while using the trimmer. The sharp edge may cut the cord if it comes forward and may lead to mechanical failure.