If your new to this game and you want to run with the big name, you must be willing to take extreme measures and learn how to be good if not great at public relations, have a different yet better marketable strategy or have something about your niche that make people want to know more about you.

So if you’re trying to rank a new website against old veterans, instead of targeting the keyword directly you must play it smart and target those keywords indirectly. If you’re in a competitive market it will be easier to rank those long tail keywords as compare to the more relevant ones. Below we will share few strategies you can pursue which will help rank your sites on Google faster:

Always use the long tail/ less popular Keyword

This strategy is rather basic but works. If most of your competitors are targeting Team India Rocks but none of them are targeting TeamIndia Rocks, then you must go for the latter as it will rank easily. If you are able to get a top slot for the long tail version of a keyword, you will still get more traffic. So, there is no point of following a popular version of that keyword.

Using Keyword Modifiers

Adding few keyword modifiers to the title page seem like a decent idea if you’re having trouble in ranking the main keyword for your site. For eg if you think the word debit card is too hard of a keyword try using an idiom like best debit cards instead.

Go deeper Than Your Competition

The best feature of ranking these low tail keywords is that only people who really care about that niche will search for them, means you will only get legit users who really care about these topics, resulting the majority of them linking to your site. This self enforcing outcome will surely benefit your site.

Feel free To Buy Traffic

Another amazing way to make your site relevant faster is to target adds. However according to speedy assignment this type of traffic is nowhere near as legit as the traffic you get from the main search engine, as most of the traffic you get from adds will come and go quickly. But if you have a solid niche and high quality informative content on you site you can get a decent amount of use able traffic from social media and it will surely be authentic. This way might cost you few bucks but it will help you make your site more significant against your competition.

Think Outside of the Box

It will surely be a rocky road for you if you also choose to stick with those few keywords that your competition is targeting for years. Topics such as how-To is a great way to build more inbound links for your site which will boost your domain authority with time and help you surpass those Google pages faster.