As a homeowner you may find yourself wondering why you should think about pest control during winter months. After all insects are not as active when the temperature drops to freezing and well below you might think. The easy answer to this question is it allows the Vancouver pest control specialist to see which insects can survive in freezing conditions. Consider the following:

Why Do Pest Control In The Winter?

  • When lots of time, effort and money have gone into eliminating past activity as well as breaking up reproductive cycles during Spring, Summer and the Fall it’s easy to believe the issue is under control. Failure to keep up the pressure during the Winter in as a cost saving measure may leave your home vulnerable to a buildup of unwanted pests.
  • Nature does not look at the Winter as a time to hibernate even though pests may slow down a bit. Spiders, ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, fleas, rats and mice are still active. They see your home or business as a good place to set up residence during the Winter months.
  • Those insects that find a spot to spend the winter hidden inside the walls of your home or business are cozy as could be and don’t feel the colder temperatures outside. While insects are lurking inside your walls attics and basements provide a perfect hiding spot for wasps and spiders to call home for the winter. And while they’re warm and cozy they will nest and breed waiting for spring to arrive. Pest Control Specialists make use of a wall void treatment during the winter months to break up reproductive cycles and eliminate or greatly reduce pest activity when spring arrives.
  • Rodent activity is a year round problem and snow covered ground provides a perfect hiding place for them to hide from predators. Meanwhile mice, rats and voles are unseen by watchful homeowners and busy doing damage to lawns and bushes.

We may need a big door to get inside but this is not the case with rodents and insects and there are some things homeowners can do to prevent unwanted guests for the Winter. Inspect your residence for possible entry points, doors, windows and cracks should be sealed off as ways for pests from finding their way indoors. Remember we are not the only ones looking to find a cozy, warm place to spend the cooler Winter months.

Contact your Local Pest Control specialists for year round service to keep pests from invading your home or business.