Once you have decided to hire the service of a research writer, it is time to see if the writer has all the top qualities that a research paper writer needs to have.

A research writer is hard to find and most online writing agencies do not offer research paper writing service because of that. This makes your task even tougher. Below are a few desirable qualities that a research writer needs to have in order to come up with a high quality research paper.

Top Qualities You Need In a Research Writer

## Master or Doctorate Degree ##

When it comes to selecting a research writer, it is important to see if the writer is highly qualified. Only someone who holds a Master degree or Doctorate will be able to deliver a top notch research paper. There are many writing agencies out there that use the service of graduates to write the research paper. The problem with those papers is that they lack the depth a research paper needs to have and hence fail to impress the reviewer. When looking for a research paper writer, you need to make sure the writer holds a Master or Doctorate degree so that they can come up with a compelling research paper.

## Excellent Researching Skills ##

A research writer with poor researching skill is a waste investment and students should not invest their time and money on such essay writing agencies. A good research writer should possess outstanding researching skills to come up with strong points that can be included in your research paper to make it top quality.

## Presentation Skills ##

Another important quality of a research writer is the ability to present your research paper in a convincing and attractive way so that the reader’s interest is maintained throughout the essay. A research paper can become really boring to read if the writer lacks presentation skills. Therefore, when you are hiring the service of a professional research writer, you need to make sure the writer has excellent presentation skills.

## Ability to Differentiate Facts and Opinions ##

It is important to include facts and opinions in your research paper so that it becomes convincing. What if your writer does not know to differentiate facts and opinions? When your writer does not know to differentiate facts and opinions, it can easily make your research paper complicated and difficult to understand what is actually stated in the paper. Only a writer with the ability to differentiate facts and opinions clearly can come up with good points in the research paper.

## Persuading Others to Believe in Your Ideas ##

Finally a good research writer is one who can persuade the reader to believe in the points discussed in the research paper.

Only an experienced and skilled research paper writer can force the reader to believe in the points and that’s why it is essential for you to hire an experienced and skilled research paper writer. Viva essays is a professional essay writing agency that offers highly qualified research paper writers who can complete your research paper in the shortest time.