One of the oldest gadgets in any bathrooms must be shower heads. They are available in a wide range of designs, sizes, shapes and styles. Sufficient flow of water through the shower head is most desired features. Sufficient water flow will make the bathing experience convenient.

Latest Showerheads

Gigantic innovations in science and technology over the last few decades have also changed the way we look while selecting showerheads. Showerheads produced using most modern and state-of-the-art technologies are attracting most consumers’ interest online. Following are two types of showerheads made using such technologies recently:

  • Showerhead embedded with Bluetooth speaker
  • Simple LED Showerhead

LED Shower Head

Following are some features shown by Color Changing LED Hand Shower.

  • Produces light in variations of many different colors when you lit them up
  • Light can be tailored for general purposes as well as some specialized tasks.

Regardless of such light displays, it won’t affect the incoming water flow, nor will the water flow be weakened by using such displays.

Easy to Install

Ease and convenience of installing LED showerhead can’t be debated as well. Following are some reasons:

  • Replacement with existing shower heads was kept in mind while manufacturing them. They will fit perfectly into existing slots made for showerheads.
  • Even though they are made for existing shower heads systems, but consumer still needs to make sure to purchase the LED shower head made for perfectly fitting size of his hose or pipe.
  • Variety of online stores has these showerheads readily, and provides most convenience in buying them. Even though, consumer should make sure to purchase them only from well-reputed and established businesses online.

Function of LED Shower Head

Indicating the temperature of water is primary functionality of Bathroom LED Spray Shower. Blue lights are displayed when water is too cold, while hot water is indicated utilizing the red light. Apart from that, the lights are designed to be quite visually appealing.

Bluetooth Speaker in Your Bathroom

Can you believe that you can Bluetooth speaker in your bathroom? If yes, then these LED showerheads are a perfect match for you. Moxie showerheads fitted with Bluetooth speakers are one of the most common example of such showerheads. They will just keep you entertained by music while you bath. Nor do they cost so much to make them unaffordable for general population, because they will cost anything from 160USD to 210USD. Most people can afford such Bluetooth speaker fitted shower heads fairly easily.

Water Flow Remains Same

Even though most people fear it, but the biggest plus point of using such shower heads is that they don’t block incoming water flow to the user, thus user don’t gets distracted while showering. Adding Bluetooth speakers or LED lights won’t just only make bath time fun for you but also add visual appeal, excitement and convenience of modern bathroom to your bathroom. Nor will high pressure shower be affected in any way by adding such modern gadgets.

Regardless of which showerhead you opt for, they will add uniqueness to your bathroom. Above all, they will make your bathroom look more modern when you add something new to arsenal of traditional bathroom accessories made specifically for only purpose of high pressure and relaxing water flow.