Vancouver is the most beautiful city in Canada! You have enough information about the places to visit. You should also know about the places to eat. If you are tired from the usual boring eating places, hire a car in Vancouver and go to find something really strange and special but not less tasty. Locals know how to help you! It is time to meet the list of TOP unusual city restaurants that makes your traditional dinner a big adventure!

Dark Table

Address: 2611, West 4th Avenue

How about checking you in the new fashionable restaurant Dark Table? Be ready to stay in the dark and fell the taste of food with no eyes. The working principle of this restaurant is simple: you order food in the special room and go to the dark restaurant to eat your order. You can always feel the friendly support of your waiter if you feel bad in the dark. The waiter is blind or has eyes problems – this is the rule of the restaurant. The food is amazing!

across the aisle

The Elbow Room Cafe

Address: 560, Davie Street

People in The Elbow Room Cafe look strange. This is a place where you can say rude things. The restaurant is very popular place. You cannot find another place in the city where people come to say rude things to each other with pleasure. You should go there for tasty pancakes and sandwiches. There is one important rule, if you could not eat all things that you ordered, you have to give money for charity. Thus, it was taken about 67 000 dollars for charity. The money goes to help HIV positive people from the Loving Spoonful organization. One way or another, this is the most extraordinary place that you have ever visited.

The Afghan Horsemen

Address: 1833, Anderson Street

The Afghan Horsemen was opened in 1974 to be the first Afghan restaurant in Canada. You may order a table with lots of pillows to feel the atmosphere of the Middle East. This restaurant tries to impress you with the mysterious and colorful atmosphere and interior. You want to come back here again and again because of tasty food. You are offered to taste dishes from Indian and Greek cuisines. The portions are big. So, you need to spend about three hours to eat everything.

Afghan Horsemen Restaurant

Great Han Mongolian BBQ

Address: 3043, Main Street

Great Han Mongolian BBQ is probably not the best gourmand restaurant in Vancouver. Nevertheless, the visitors have a chance to choose one of many sorts of meat: beef, pork, chicken, lamb. The meat is served with vegetables and noodles, sauce.  You can watch the process of cooking. So, you choose what to eat and watch the process. It must be very interesting and unusual. It is also very profitable to eat here. You may use all-you-can-eat option for $11,95. The restaurant is very popular at dinner time, so, you have to wait.


Address: 1115, Granville Street

If you do not like to dine alone, you should go to Grubwithus to meet new people. This is not just a restaurant as you used to think. It looks like the public eating house. The goal of this place is eating and talking. If you want to visit this place, you have to share the information about you on the website. If you have the membership, you can learn the list of available events. The list is very rich and various. You may also pick what table and what people to choose to spend your evening with. You may also ask for your own theme for party.

If you could find people for your party, book the table beforehand for you and your guests. The booking price can be 10-30 $. The dinner usually consists of the main and first course and dessert. Never be ashamed! It is very interesting to meet new people according to your interests. You should try and everything is going to be ok!


RAW Canvas

Address: 1046, Hamilton Street

RAW Canvas is a classic wine bar where you can try tasty tapas. There is one point you have to consider. You may take the glass of wine and go to see pictures and try yourself in drawing. You have everything to create something strange right here and right now. There is an interesting event Date Night Wednesday every Wednesday, where you come with your friend or person you are in love and draw something incredible all together.

EXP Restaurant and Bar

Address: 309, W Pender Street

According to their Facebook page, EXP Restaurant and Bar is an interesting place for gamers. Actually, this is a place for guests of different ages with the lounge zone. You can have enough space to play Super Mario Bros and Call of Duty. You should come in the evening. There are many TVs and projectors on the walls to play. The walls are decorated with the posters and pictures of the popular game characters. You are offered to participate in different gaming events every week. It must be very exciting to meet new friends to play with. The cocktails and drink are taken from the computer games.

hot dog

Dougie DOG

Address: 600, Hamilton Street

This is not a fashionable restaurant but very popular place to eat. The hot dogs from the Dougie DOG truck are very different. There are 25 kinds of it. They all are made of natural ingredients with no conservatives and harmful suppliers. The meat is natural. You have to take a bit of hot dog to make crazy! How about to try unique Dragon Dog? It is made of beef, lobster, cognac and different spices. This is the most expensive hot dog in the world. It costs for 100 $. This is your chance to eat the hot dog that is included in the list of Guinness Records.

What unusual restaurants in Vancouver do you know? Share them in the comments to help other people to have fun.