The ultimate adventure for any auto enthusiast is to take a long off the road trip with his friends to explore the world and get the thrill of living on the edge (even if it is for a few days). It takes a lot of planning to make the trip a success like planning for the route, packing right kind of clothes, food materials and medicines for the road. However, the most important of them all is what kind of vehicle you will need for your cross-country journey.

While hatchbacks, saloon and sedans are the vehicles of choice when you talk about interstate or intra-state travel, SUVs will be the preferred vehicle when you make a cross country trip. And when you talk about SUVs, then one car that steals the show with its performance and great looks is the Audi Q3. If you are looking for second-hand powerful SUV, then you can look out to buy used Audi Q3 in Delhi. This incredibly versatile SUV has some amazing features that make it such a fantastic companion on a long drive.

There are several reputable dealers from where you can buy a used Audi Q3 in Delhi. However, before you buy this cool looking car for your ride make sure that all the features of this car are in perfect working order. Check the engine, the safety features, the comfort elements and the structural integrity of the vehicle. If you are not sure about your own ability to check for all of these things properly, then take a car mechanic with you. Also, check the paperwork of the car before signing any ownership documents.

When you look for a used Audi Q3 in Delhi, you are actually looking for a premium high-performance vehicle that can take on any challenge without any breaking a sweat. After you get the ownership of this terrific car the next big thing will be to make it ready for any long cross-country drive. For this, you have to take a series of steps some of which are listed below for your reference.

1). Take a good look at the level of coolant to make sure that it is at an adequate level and there are no tell-tale signs of leakage. Coolant is important to keep your engine running smoothly. If its level drops then your engine may seize up thus keeping you stranded midway.

2). Make sure that the brake oil, transmission fluids and power steering fluids are at their optimum level. If there is a problem with any of these then driving the car safely will become very difficult.

3). Make sure that the hoses and timing belts are in their top most condition. If they have cracks, then they might get torn apart when the engine heats up in a long tour.

4). Take care of your car battery. Before you make a long journey, test the battery to see whether it is functioning in the top most condition.

5). Keep the air filter clean otherwise it would be very difficult to defog your car windows leading to serious safety issues.

6). Check the tyres and brakes of the car. Carry an extra tyre with car jack and spanners just in case you have to change your car tyre in the middle of nowhere because of a flat tyre.

7). Make sure that all the external lights and indicators are working perfectly.

These are simple of the steps that will ensure that your car gives you the least of trouble in your cross-country adventure.