Many effective tools are available to enhance a website’s traffic. Some tell simply about traffic counters and some help to analyze the actions being performed on website by visitors. One must have a sound knowledge to use these advance tools effectively. Apart from these typical tools, a simple tool “ALEXA” is also available which is user-friendly. You can use it efficiently even if you have a little know how of SEO.

About ALEXA:

ALEXA is used to inform you about latest activities on the whole internet and also on your website. It informs about new change in categories. It also helps to check if your objective is being chased or you need a change to have the desired results. But the most effective thing that ALEXA informs is the traffic analysis. It tells that how many visitors visited your web site and the location from where they have visited your site. By analyzing all this information via ALEXA, you can have desired number of visitors for your website.

Know Demographics:

ALEXA allows you to see the amount as well as the bio of traffic to your website. You can know the age, education, gender and even number of family members of your site visitors. It will also facilitate you to make effective strategies. For example, your website visitors are 25-40 years old; you can make a brand according to this age level.

Website Analysis:

You have to know your current position to make any change in your website content. ALEXA can help you with its Site Info to get any information about current traffic coming from own country, outside your country and from your links in other web sites. It will make possible for you to determine the need of more links. You can also know about keywords used in searching your site contents. It will definitely allow you to make effective changes to get targeted traffic.

Competitor Analysis:

It is also important that with the new strategies you should also consider your competitors. You can compare the competitor website with your website with the help of ALEXA. You can know where the visitors of competitor website went before they visit that site and you can use the keywords of that site which was visited earlier. It will prove helpful to increase web traffic to your website.

Visitor Feedback:

ALEXA has an option to put in effective widgets to your website to improve the look for attraction of new visitors. You can add review option to allow customers to comment or rate your site which will help to make improvements from their feedback. People will trust your brand by looking at feedback of brand users. With many positive reviews you will get a good amount of targeted visitors for your website.

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