It was a cold winter morning and I was busy helping out my friend with his home interiors. As the sharp and icy draft came in through the slightly ajar door, we looked at each other-realization wrought all over our faces! It was only now, that it dawned on both of us, that after planning for months and shopping during the past few days, we had purchased everything to make the home comfortable, except the area rug! “Better late than never!” We thought, and headed straight out to get that all important area rug! After much debate and analysis, we made our selection from the natural area rugs on display, at the store.

What are Natural Area Rugs?

‘Area rugs’ are rugs that cover big or small portions of the flooring or an area. They not just add to the look of the room, but also make it warm and comfortable. What makes natural area rugs so unique is the fact that, they are made from natural fibers. These fibers are sourced in an eco-friendly manner, without causing any damage to the environment.

Natural area rugs may be made from organic wool, bamboo, cowhide, cotton, sisal, seagrass, mountain grass, shag, jute or cork. Considering the serious allergic reactions, my friend had developed in his former home to a new carpet -opting for a natural area rug, was but an obvious choice!

Adverse Health Impact of Area Rugs that Are Not Sourced Naturally

With area rugs sometimes covering two-thirds of a room, physicians recognize, that the smell from a new carpet or a new rug, can often be overpowering! Volatile organic compounds in the form of gases, emitted from new area rugs and carpets, are considered, to be the main factors responsible for allergic reactions. Reactions that may range from headaches, nausea, dizziness, nose and throat irritation to skin allergies.

If like us, you are also keen to avoid such health hazards – “Look for carpets made from natural fibers with little or no chemical treatment. Also, purchase carpets with natural-fiber backing attached with less-toxic adhesives,” advises the ‘Green America’ website.

Types of Natural Area Rugs

I speak from personal experience, when I say that- the variety of natural area rugs available in brick and mortar retail outlets and online stores today, is pretty exhaustive! From, braided jute rugs; natural fiber rugs; rugs with fringes; wool and jute rugs; rugs made from cowhide, mountain grass or  bamboo; twill, wool and jute rugs; sisal linen rugs, sisal tweed rugs; to color bound sea grass rugs-the range on offer, can be overwhelming!

The key to picking or ordering the perfect natural area rug for your home lies in, first deciding on the material you want to pick; the color of your choice; the size you are looking for; and, the money you are willing to spend on it! These may vary in price from under $99 to over $400.

Natural area rugs are available in varied colors, ranging from beige; black; gray; blue; brown or espresso; green; multicolor; purple; red or burgundy; tan or gold; to white or ivory. In fact, there are stores that even allow you to create your own ‘custom natural area rugs,’ in octagonal, round, semi circle, rectangle and oval shapes!

Natural Area Rugs Can Enhance Your Home Interiors

After a while, an apartment or home you have been living in may start looking rather dull or boring. Using natural area rugs to liven things up is always a good idea! A natural area rug can be blended in faultlessly with your existing interiors. Want to add a dash of color to your living area? You can brighten things up with different colored natural area rugs! Whether you are looking to create spaces within a room or add character to its different nooks and corners, these rugs will work wonders.

Natural Area rugs may sometimes also be used to define walls, though usually they are used to define spaces across a room. Placing a natural area rug on the floor beside your bed, or below your dining table- can add élan to your bedroom and dining room. Likewise, natural area rugs can also be laid out to add elegance to your office space, kitchen and guest bathroom.

No matter what type of natural area rug you select for your home, ultimately what really matters is- how you use it to creatively to add style and panache to your home interiors!

This article was written by Michael. C. Jones, a specialist writer on interior design and architecture, who believes that natural area rugs add flair to home interiors.