In simple terms, an arborist is a trained tree/ bush professional who is familiar with the care, upkeep, and science of treating, growing, planning, and maintaining trees. These professionals are an infrequent but essential element of property maintenance. With his or her extensive knowledge and background in tree care, an arborist is your first resource when your trees begin to ail.  Or perhaps you want to improve your property value by having some trees planted.  From sapling to felling, an arborist is the person you call.

So what are some of the specific things an Edmonton arborist can do for you and when should you hire one?

One of the better kept secrets of real-estate investment is that trees and shrubs can add significant amounts of money to the value of your property. Not only does their very presence enhance your home or property value, but they also feature secondary savings like helping to provide shade for your home, lowering cooling costs and blocking wind in the winter thus lowering heating costs.

With such a large and long term investment it is important to keep your trees in good shape. Just as a lovely tree can add value, an ugly unkempt one can lower it.  One of the simplest and most important things your local arborist can do is tree pruning. Pruning is required to help a tree grow right, look lovely, and also dispose of dead or dying limbs that may be a hazard.

Beyond simple pruning, another major role of your arborist is emergency tree care. A heavy rain storm, high winds, snow, freezing rain, or lightning can swiftly and adversely affect your trees. Having a professional come in may be able to save this growing investment and also protect your property from damage by falling limbs. This kind of maintenance is important because if it is left undone, your tree, other property, and even your home can be damaged.

If the worst should happen and a tree needs to be removed, again your arborist is the person to call. Tree pruning in Edmonton, especially in neighborhoods or near your home, requires a professional to do it right. Dropping a limb on a home, a car, or a power line will ruin your day faster than a dead tree. It is strongly recommended if there are any hazards around you do not attempt to remove the tree yourself.

The good news is that your arborist, in addition to skillfully removing trees, can also help you choose what new ones to plan for and plant them for you.  By fertilizing and protecting them, your arborist can help replace your old trees with a new investment that not only grows every year but adds to the enjoyment (and value) of your home.

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