Sexy, sensuous, seductive: These are all words, which we associate with legal brothels sydney, however, have taken the industry to a whole new standard in terms of the service provider and client safety. There are some things which may surprise you about the legal brothels within the city, starting with:

Sex is Sex – The Rest Is Extra

If a client is heading to a brothel in hopes of having a one of a kind romantic experience, then they will need to have a lot of money in his or her wallet. When a client pays for sex that is all that will be delivered. Any other extras, including oral sex, special touching or even kissing will come at an extra charge.

Prior to entering a room with a service provider, the client and service provider will agree upon what will and what will not happen in the room. The client will pay for those services and should expect to receive only those services after entering the room.

Be Prepared for a Security Check

Those who walk through the front doors of a brothel are not immediately greeted by a throng of gorgeous service providers. In fact, many clients liken the experience to walking into a prison. The first room a client will enter will have security doors and glass in place. Clients will go through numerous checks before they are actually allowed into the brothel and are permitted to meet the service providers in the establishment.

Brothels Do Not Make Money off of Their Clients

Contrary to popular belief, legal brothels do not make a cut or receive any portion of the money paid to a service provider. The brothel itself only makes money off of the rental of the rooms within the establishment. Which takes us to our next surprising fact:

You May Have to Wait in Line

At times, clients may need to wait for their turn to enter into a room. There are legal limitations on how many rooms can be in a brothel, with most states permitting no more than five. If it happens to be a particularly busy day, you may find yourself sitting and waiting for a while.

Clients Will Be Checked for Sexual Diseases

The service providers at a legal brothel are trained and have every right to check clients for sexually transmitted diseases. Upon entering a room, a service provider will likely request that a client undress. Each room is outfitted with a bright lamp, which allows the service provider to then check the client for any signs of sexually transmitted diseases. If the service provider suspects that a client may have a sexually transmitted disease, they then have the right to refuse service.

The Rooms Remain Unlocked

For the safety of everyone at the brothel, the rooms remain unlocked throughout the entire visit. This may seem a bit unnerving for a client in particular, but those working at the brothel respect one another’s space and will not enter a room unless absolutely necessary.