When thinking of a home purchase wise home buyers will write a subject into their purchase agreement for a home inspection. Additionally if the home being purchased was built from the 1930’s into the late 1970’s there is a strong possibility that asbestos was used somewhere during construction. In light of the widespread use of asbestos during this time period those already living in homes built from the 1930’s and well into the 1970’s will opt for an asbestos inspection in case Victoria BC asbestos removal is needed.
What Are The Dangers of Asbestos
While it may be puzzling that something with hidden dangers was so widely used in residential and commercial buildings at the time, the dangers were not known at the time. Be aware that unless the material is disturbed it poses no threat to people or their pets. However if moved or handled incorrectly small fibers can become airborne and inhaled by humans or animals. Below are some of the dangers of improper handling of asbestos and why residents from Nanaimo B C to Victoria B C will choose the professionals at Pro Pacific for an asbestos inspection. 
Asbestosis – Those fibers or spores when inhaled can lead to asbestosis, a non-cancerous and still serious and chronic respiratory disease. Once in the lungs the spores irritate the tissue of the lungs and result in scarring, an advanced case of asbestosis can lead to heart failure.
Mesothelioma – This doesn’t mean that asbestos exposure won’t result in cancer and mesothelioma while rare is one consequence. It develops in the thin membrane of the lungs, abdomen, chest or even rarely the heart.
Lung Cancer – Even non smokers can develop lung cancer and both smokers and those who never smoke are at increased risk when exposed to asbestos.
Asbestos Testing, What Does it Involve
With a professional that is highly qualified for the safe handling of asbestos you have peace of mind that they have the expertise for the job. It may be a renovation project that has prompted your decision to check for the presence of asbestos in the walls or ceiling.  Sometimes it may not be readily apparent that there is asbestos in which case the worker can conduct sampling in the area. While on site they can also inspect for asbestos throughout your home. Any samples collected are then sent off to an accredited laboratory to be tested.
The area of concern will determine which type of asbestos testing will be done either air quality or material samples. Air quality is done by air being drawn in a collection cartridge and the lab will then reveal the volume of asbestos fibers in the air of your home. Asbestos was used in everything from floor tiles, popcorn ceilings, sheetrock and  insulation. Samples are placed in sealed bags sent to the lab to find the volume of asbestos in each material.
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