Anyone who has ever tried to get a loan knows that the lending industry is quite competitive. This is understandable as consumers have a need for the additional fund. If you have considered all options and then settled for a personal loan, do not forget to get approval from a private lender for personal loan.

The problem with this kind of loan is that lenders make false promises sometimes to attract more business. Many of them are willing to make promises which they cannot keep. They sometimes incorrectly inform the borrower that approval is guaranteed.

Getting a guaranteed loan is a comforting idea for loan seekers who are not sure about their chances of approval. Even though there are ways to eliminate certain elements of the approval process to speed the process up but it is essential to prove borrower’s ability to repay the money. This suggests that there cannot be any generalized guarantee to an applicant who have damage, slow, bad or no credit.

Why It Is Impossible To Get Guaranteed Approval For Personal Loans With Bad Credit

However, there are many lenders who lie about the guarantee. This is why obtaining a personal loan from them can be very troublesome. Most of these lenders are from online sources. Before making a decision, check the website to assess their background. Consider all logical aspects as well.

Some people wrongly believe that no credit checks provided during loan application are a guarantee that the application will not be rejected. The only advantage provided by no credit checks is that it improves chances for personal loan approval for people with bad credit.

The process of checking credit histories saves a lot of time. This is mainly why different online lenders are able to provide approval judgments within only a few minutes. However, a guarantee for loan approval is not the same. It is not easy to get it when the borrower’s repayment habits are unknown.

Applicants must realize that other factors related to the amount and previous debt play a key role. The debt-to-income ratio is very important. It has a direct impact on whether an individual will get a personal loan or not.

Marketing materials often promise that interested borrowers that there are reliable loan providers will go invest.  They communicate what the consumers want to here and promise high loan limits, low-interest rates and also guaranteed application success. These attract people bad credit who want a personal loan.

It is important that you disregard marketing material like these. Even if an offer is too good, you must do prior research and gather relevant information before taking the loan. Sometimes there are hidden fees for these loan agreements.

Rationally thinking, loan approval guarantees do not make any sense. For, they imply that applicant who has no steady income or means of repaying the money will get assurance for getting personal loans.

Lenders are usually concerned about giving money to those applicants who seek personal loan but have bad credit because of their income. Sometimes, no security is provided and there is uncertainty whether the money will be returned or nor. When security is provided, in the form of collateral, the process becomes easier.

To convert collateral to cash, it needs to be sold. For this reason, a cosigner is a better option.   Even when a cosigner is provided, the applicant must prove ability to repay the personal loan. The cosigner only serves as a back-up.

That being said, there is no guarantee of loan approval even when collateral is paid. Lender likes to receive routinely payments. Getting money each month makes the process simple.