Kind time of the day, dear readers and subscribers! We will devote this article to the problem of black spots, which more and more girls and boys are worried about lately.

It must be said that this attack is capable of ruining the lives of those who have long passed the adolescence.

It seems that in such a situation it is only necessary to rely on the help of professionals, however, expensive drugs and monthly cleansing procedures in beauty centers, after which you cannot go out for a few days – is not the most successful prospect.

It is much better to try such an alternative as a mask of activated charcoal for blackheads, which is easy to prepare at home. This is an affordable and very simple way out.

Prepare a miracle mask everyone can, the cost is extremely low, and the effect may be just incredible.

Benefits of activated carbon

So what explains such a high efficiency of activated carbon for cosmetic purposes?

In fact, the answer is simple. Coal acts as an excellent absorbent: it not only removes dirt and draws fat from the pores, but also cleans the surface of the skin from the harmful substances that have accumulated there in the course of life.

This tool is an ideal ally in the fight against blackheads. You can find more benefits of activated charcoal if you read

Activated carbon has a natural origin, so that it has a high value for the human body. A mask using an absorbent gets its useful qualities. And, if you do the procedures regularly, you can get the following positive results:

  • Blackheads will quickly disappear, including those black spots that remained on the face even after mechanical cleaning;
  • Significantly reduce the fat content of the skin;
  • From dirt, dust and sebum will clean even the smallest pores;
  • All unpleasant inflammations will go away, acne and acne will disappear;
  • The skin will be smoothed out, wrinkles will be eliminated.

The masks in question are characterized by a complex effect, so that they are shown at absolutely any age. Such remedies can restore youth and beauty by improving the skin condition.

In order for useful compounds to work in full force, one should adhere to some important recommendations:

  • Cosmetologists are advised to do the procedure for 5-6 weeks, but cleansing masks cannot be used more often than once a week;
  • At the end of the course, rest a bit, make a two-month break, so that the skin can rest well during this time;
  • Before applying the mask on the face, make a sensitivity test by spreading the wrist with a mixture. Allergy is rare, but still it sometimes occurs. Even with the slightest discomfort, it is better to abandon the mask in order not to have much more serious problems;
  • For activated charcoal masks, only fresh coal needs to be used, the tablets are ground to a powder;
  • Before applying the mixture on your face, warm up your skin so that the mask can show the best effect. To do this, make a steam bath or take a hot shower.

How to prepare a face correctly?

Taking into account the fact that the activated charcoal mask is designed to eliminate blackheads, it is important to properly prepare the skin to provide the absorbent with full access to the pores.

First you should wash with the usual remedy, and then make an herbal bath.

The final result of the procedure largely depends on the quality of the preparation of the dermis, so cleaning should be done as carefully as possible, without neglecting this stage.

Dispensing lasts 8-10 minutes, after which the medicinal composition is applied.

In order that the “medicine” does not accidentally hit your hair, use a bandage, otherwise you will not only have to wash yourself, but also wash your hair. If you need to make a mask-film, during application avoid the eyebrows so that it is easier to remove it without feeling pain. Keep readingĀ