Having a healthy relationship with your landlord may be one of your aspirations. You may even make the efforts to build one, but it simple doesn’t seem to work. There is always a problem/hitch that makes it impossible for the two of you to bond. It may be co-incidental, but sometimes the owner is simply unreasonable. Here are a few incidents that will tell you that he is not going to reciprocate to your efforts.

–      When he Tries to Boss you Around:

You know you are in a bad situation when your owner is trying to tell you what to do inside the house. He is no one to command your life, but simply wants to. He tries to do the same on account of you living in his house.

He starts to raise objections and create trouble for you for simple things. In this case try to draw a fine line between him and yourself. You will have to let him know that he is not in any position to tell you what to do.

–      Putting off the Paperwork:

Even if your deal is on a flats for sale in Bangalore, you need to make sure that all the paperwork is done properly. If your owner is trying to put it off to a later date and is hesitant to sign any papers, then you will have to persuade him to complete it.

Not signing a legal paper means that he can do anything at any point of time. This can run you the risk of being homeless at any given point.

–      Personal Favors:

If your owner is asking you to do him any personal favors, it is maybe because he thinks you have the kind of contacts to do it. It can also be because he thinks that you will have to do it simply because you live in his house. If you observe that he is simply trying t push for a few favors because of the latter, you are not obliged.

You need to understand that you pay a rent for living in the house and there is no need for you to do more than that.

–      Increase of Rent without Notice:

He might have agreed to let you live in the house for a price that was lesser than the worth. But that does not mean that he can increase the rent whenever he wants to. There has to be a clause in the agreement stating the period and percentage of increase in rent, and make sure that you adhere to it.

If he asks for more, then remind him of the agreement.

–      Too Many Problems with your Lifestyle:

This problem has been faced by many tenants who have taken up a single room for rent in Bangalore. The owners interfere with the lifestyle of the tenants too much. They tend to have problems with the number of people who visit your house, the noise you make, or the music volumes.

If you are going over the top and the trouble is genuine, then you might have to alter your lifestyle a bit. But if it is something that happens in every normal home, then you need to ask him to adjust. Also, make sure that you do not cause trouble to the other neighbors. If you end up in a dispute with your owners, the people living around can be of great help.

If you are going through any of the above issues in your rented house, then start to look out for another one because it is the best option for you. Living a life of compromise is not going to keep you happy anyway.