Many a times we found yourself in a situation where the cheque deposited by us in a bank gets returned without any payments made. In such cases it is said that our cheque got bounced or dishonored on certain grounds or rules as per the guidelines provided by the Reserve Bank of India or any other apex banking institution in a foreign nation.

But what resort do we have left in situations like this? Won’t we getting our money back? Of course you are liable to get all the promised amount back in your bank accounts as now we can hire the service of a legal attorney who can assist us in cases related to dishonor of cheque.

For someone who is not able to find an experienced lawyer who can represent them in the court of justice, they can consult some of the best legal consultancy firms that can provide you the contact details of the finest cheque bounce lawyers in Delhi.

What does the term ‘cheque bounce’ refers to?

When you present a cheque in your bank and it gets returned back without being paid or gets dishonored, the term used to describe such situation is known as ‘Cheque Bounce’. Often this happens when the party that has issued the cheque does not have adequate amount of funds in his/her bank account for making the required payment.

Also at times the signature of the issuing party can be fake or bogus and as such the payment for the cheque is stopped. If you face any such situation than one of the ways to get back your money is to file a legal case against the fraudulent party. You can always take the help of professional lawyers pertaining to a bounce cheque cases.

Procedures to be followed:-

There are certain essential procedures required to be complied with before one can file a case against bounce cheque. Some of them are mentioned as follows:-

  • If the cheque received by you gets dishonored then you can send a legal notice to the accused party or the drawer of the cheque.
  • Within 30 days’ time period you need to send the legal notice to the drawer demanding back the amount of money as mentioned on the cheque.
  • If the drawer is not ready to pay back the amount mentioned on the bounced cheque then a case can be file against them in the court of justice. A legal representative will help you out with the case at every step.
  • You also need to submit certain documents before filing a case related to bounce cheque. These documents include the cheque in original, a copy of the notice received by you and relevant evidence or proof.

Where to find Cheque Bounce Lawyers?

People who want to find the best Lawyer for cheque bounce in Delhican search for the same on the internet. Various websites can be visited where one can look out for experienced lawyers who can provide professional legal assistance to you. They will charge certain amount of fees but in return an assurance will be given to you that the bounced cheque amount will be returned back to you.